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End of year update

Video update provided by grant recipient, Dr. Klietsov, and the Society of Veterinary Business Owners, December 2022.

Here's how our funds have made a direct impact

We are providing access to pet food

A grant we awarded to Dr. Andrii Klietsov allowed him to deliver urgently needed pet food to the pets of Ukraine. He says "Thank you everyone for your donations and support. With your help, we can establish a process of providing veterinary care to animals injured during the war in Ukraine, because animals, like people, have an inalienable right to life!"

We are reconnecting pet owners with lost pets

With a grant awarded to Animal ID to help reunite lost pets with their owners, a social initiative called Project Povidok was launched. To ensure that as many pets as possible are not lost in an emergency situation in Ukraine, trackable pet ID tags have been provided to hundreds of stores - from West to Central Ukraine, and some parts of South Ukraine. Thanks to your help, 501,755 pets in Ukraine have been registered.

Hundreds of stores across Ukraine carrying free unique QR pet ID tags for the pets in their areas.
Vasyl Dub, Co-founder & CEO of Animal-ID, speaks to guests attending a Ukraine awareness event at Stanford University.

We are obtaining and sending medications and pet supplies

We awarded a grant to the Society of Veterinary Business Owners that is being used to provide medical equipment, medication, and support to practicing licensees who have lost their veterinary hospitals or completely or partially lost their homes due to destruction or forced evacuation.